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  • American Precision Museum Show

    Another year has flown by. Here are photos and video from the show:

    It has been a while since I posted a notice of new web pages on the NEMES site so please take time to look at the various shows I have attended this season. Our main web address is in my sig.

    Regards to all,
    Errol Groff

    New England Model Engineering Society

    YouTube channel:

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    Thanks for posting. It is always such a pleasure to see creations such as this. It is amazing to witness the creativity and skill represented by these truly gifted mechanical artists.

    This reminds me of how impressed I often am by the eclectic diversity of talents found in the members of this forum. The experience and wide diversity of knowledge I encounter here every time I log in inspires me to speculate what we, the members of the HSM forum, could accomplish if we all worked together in one business or other type of collective enterprise.


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      I think I saw myself and my 7 year old son in the background in the video. Cool. Thanks for the link. My wife got to see where we went this weekend without having to drive out there (shes not much of a road tripper).


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        Thanks for sharing, Errol.

        Great photos!