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Jacob chuck nomenclature

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  • Jacob chuck nomenclature

    Got a good deal on an older Jacobs chuck, like the one CCWKen mentions here

    wondering what the naming process for Jacob chucks was/is?
    Specifically, the chuck I have is a No 3, will repair parts for the "3" series fit? 3 series in the listing I have consists of 3A, 3B, 3KD, 3PD.

    AFAICT it does not need repair parts but if one comes across them for a few bucks, at a list price of near $70...

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    The 3 series repair kits will fit all 3 series chucks. The 3A and 3B are taper mount and threaded mount respectively. The KD and PD I am not familiar with but are probably a special application or mount.
    Jim H.


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      I found useful technical information on Jacobs site

      What one is looking for may not be readily found at first, but patience
      and some time spent navigating through their site yielded results for me.