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Type of end mills for clear acrylic?

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  • Type of end mills for clear acrylic?

    I have to do some prototyping with clear acrylic blocks, making some blind holes and drilling some fluid pathways within the block.

    They want to be able to see through the block when it is finished.

    I've done a little work with black acrylic, but was never too concerned with the finish.

    What endmills work best with acrylic, and leave the nicest finish? Two or four flute? Fast or slow rpms? Probably .625" dia blind holes.

    And when I use the mill to size the edges of the block to the correct dimensions, any good way to polish them to get the clarity?

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    Single Flute, high RPM, really high feed.

    If it acrylic flame polishing edges with a torch will work.
    Or sandpaper and buffing.
    Or chemical polishing.

    If you do some searching Evan has a couple of good threads here.



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      Look at cnc router bits for plastic.