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    I think what is being suggested is similar to what I did for my old Rockwell, described here:
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      Right, well with gear ID, and two diameters of shaft all to fit within a 0.437 shaft, I think it is a bit dodgy as to whether it will all work right with any remaining sensible strength.

      Brought in the headstock tonight, found wicks etc wet with oil, certainly not a bad sign, might have been done recently for sale, dunno yet..

      Rivett chuck on it (actually D,E, Whiton Machine co). I took it off preparatory to attempting removal of the adaptor plate.... which may take a bit of fussing, as it seems to be stuck. PBlaster applied.....

      Spindle is 5C.... there were a couple collets with it that fit, and the spindle bore looks like the barrel of a field piece, it is so big inside.....

      general view with chuck off it.

      Backside.... not going to be easy to sleeve the bull gear..... index holes are in bad places..... not enough outside them for teeth and any backing, not enough inside ID if they are removed.

      "extra" gears, and other stuff, dunno how many actually "go" with it yet.

      I seem to have most all the guards
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        Well, the day's effort was largely to clean the cabinet, since it was a rare day of 70+ F in November.... THAT was a job of work..... it was caked with typical "railroad undercarriage grime", or a very good approximation thereof.... not all over, but in various places. All over it was just plain dirty.

        I had a run of proto parts for work to do, and between that, regular weekly obigations, and various gutter cleaning, yard work, installing gutter protector, and more yard work, plus potting and dropping off another hundred plants or so at the "U-City in Bloom" facility (UCB is a volunteeer group that takes care of 300 public gardens in the city... free ad for them).... I got little done on the lathe this weekend past cleaning the cab, which I won't need for months, most likely.

        However, I got the chuck backplate off the spindle tonight.... All it took was a Williams # 484 adjustable spanner wrench and a deadblow hammer. A few whacks and I suddenly noticed that it was spinning free.

        Spindle nose looks good. Looks better in person than in the picture.

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          Could any of the extra gears become Son-of-Bullgear?


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            Dunno..... I am not going to try that though, since I can cut gears here. I just need to get the cutter if I don't have one in the tool drawers.

            The only one that might be an issue is the 14 tooth pinion on the feedscrew... I can't do the undercut on the mill, and I don't know what it might turn out like... but it is low loading, and probably would be fine.

            I think 1144 stressproof will be used for the feedscrew, when I get a round-tuit on that.

            I still have to take apart and clean each and every part in the whole thing, re-make a few (so far) and scrape-in a load of surfaces.... At the moment, "we don't need no stinkin feedscrew, and we don't need no stinkin bullgear" (with apologies to Mr Bedoya).

            I found the complete manual produced by our US Army to cover this unit..... including disassembly, reassembly, and adjustment of all parts.... pointed to it via the Rivett 608 group.... I had been to the same site already (cued -in by someone here?? Maybe at PM??) but had not plowed through the large amount of data as of yet, hadn't seen the Army manual.
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              Started in on the headstock..... it's filthy big-time.....

              The 608 is built like a huge watchmaker's lathe..... with 5C instead of WW collets. Typical 2 angle spindle nose bearing, collets fit right into the nose.

              Spindle looks good, although the camera can find stuff that the eye cannot see.....

              This is actually green, under the dirt, and the pic used flash...... not that you'd notice.....

              Front bearing, with some of the dirt of the ages....

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                Hmm, I think there's a machine restorer's hymn in there somewhere

                'Dirt of Ages, left for me.
                When it's gone what will I see?'
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                  something I have done in the past for a project like this take the hole machine apart and take it to a automotive machine shop with a big hot tank. for $40 or $50 the thing is clean no hours or days of cleaning. the only thing is takes the filler off the castings but the parts come back cleaner than I could get then. Ken


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                    The hot tank is effective, but a bit undiscriminating.....

                    I don't mind the time. There are a lot of very small parts which I have to do myself anyway, so the others are just a matter of soaking while I waste time. That might be here or elsewhere, or maybe I handle something smallish on the "honey-do" list, etc.

                    I have a biggish part in the "in-house" purple cleaner tank now.

                    At least with the Rivett I need not concern myself with the chance of "Zamak" being hidden in there someplace.
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                      You want ZAMAK. You love ZAMAK. You need ZAMAK.


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                        Intresting 2 angle bearing setup, Any more info about that? Or any urls you could find/recommend? Seems kinda intresting in that it looks like it would support thrust and side force while not being prone to wear as you would just tighten a rear thrust nut to compensate?
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                          The Goodrich book "The watchmaker's lathe" is decent on that subject (and many others as well).

                          The Rivett would have been looked DOWN on as a "soft" lathe, cheaply made and inferior...... at that time fully hardened bearings (both parts) were considered the highest quality.
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                            You seem to be making fair headway for someone previously bemoaning not having time for another project. :P

                            All kidding aside, good work so far. I am eagerly awaiting seeing this restored.
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                              Originally posted by justanengineer
                              You seem to be making fair headway for someone previously bemoaning not having time for another project. :P
                              Cleaning is easy..... I have scraping to do also. Now TWO relatively complex machines to do...... as ewll as a couple scraping tools to do.

                              At least I completed the generated right angle reference round robin 3 way scrape job some time ago, and can use those items.

                              Got a short camelback to scrape in and a parallel or two. then I can get onto the machines again...... this winter, if it ever arrives. Still doing yard work.

                              Obligatory pictures of the day...........

                              Absolutely filthy QC gearbox now up for cleaning........ don't think this is a candidate for Forrest's rag, scraper, and bucket of solvent method...... unless soaked in solvent as a preliminary maybe.....

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                                Put the QC back together today..... mostly to get the parts out of the way and under control. I'll be painting it later, this was a war-finish machine, and was not polished as was done pre-war. You can see the rough casting surfaces in some places....

                                Looks a little different now. In pic 2 you can see clean gears, and see that the changer arm is actually bronze.....

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