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220v variable drive wiring

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  • 220v variable drive wiring

    I want to buy a variable drive on ebay. The following text for wiring can be ok for canadian 220v 1ph

    Mitsubishi FREQROL FR-Z220-3.7 KP variable frequency drive with a capacity of 3.7 KP. Input 200-230V 50/60Hz, output 2.2KP 17 amps.

    TEXT EDITED .This unit is nominally a 3 phase input drive, however its not designed for Australian phase to phase voltages of 415V. I have now tested one of these drives on a 240V single phase input with active and neutral wired across the first 2 incoming phase terminals and it works fine. So this unit is suitable for running 3 phase motors from a single phase 240V supply, if you intend to do this it would be prudent to de rate the drive a little.

    Note 240V is slightly over voltage for its nominal input voltage on the plate but I am told by a technician with experience with these drives that its well within the rated capacitor and output device voltage limits and should not be a problem.

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    I have ran these Mitsubishi drives on 240v 1ph without a problem.
    The 1ph has to be connected to the R S terminals as the 1ph control power is also taken off of these two, in fact they have jumpers that will allow removal of the main R S T power and just keep the control power on so that it can be in standby or show faults if the main contactor is dropped out.
    The manuals can be downloaded from the MEAU site if you need one.