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  • OT - Sketchup question

    I know we have some Sketchup users here. I have a flat disk with a protrusion sticking out of it. I wanted to rotate and copy it, so it has 20 protrusions. When I do this, Sketchup hangs. Has anyone else had this problem?

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    This sequence will produce a bug splat in SketchUp 8

    1. Create a rectangle
    2. Pull it up into a box
    3. Select the box
    4. Choose the Rotate tool
    5. Move the protractor in front of the box (not touching) and click point 1
    6. Click on the midpoint of the box
    7 Type 30 (it moves 30 degrees)
    8. Press the ctrl key
    9. Type 30
    10. Bug Splat Screen

    If you are trying to make an array press the ctrl key after step 4. A plus sign will appear by the cursor. Make the copy and enter the correct number of degrees and press enter. That will position the copy in the right place. Then enter xnn where nn is the number of additional copies and press enter. That will not crash.

    The reason the first sequence crashes is because it is trying to copy geometry from the original position but it isn't there. It's been a known bug for some time. I don't know why they haven't fixed it.
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      I figured out why it was hanging. Basically, the instructions (radial array) said to enter 360 degrees, then something like "15/" if I wanted 15 equally spaced protrusions. The 360 is the problem. Instead, I was successful by entering 359.99.


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        Sounds like a divide by zero problem is coming up internally. Check your settings in the Windows>Model info>Units screen and increase the precision of the Angle units to maximum.
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