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  • Extended Length Jaws

    I am looking for some extended length top jaws for an 8" Bison chuck. I believe they are American standard tongue and groove. Yes I could make them but do not have the time. I can do two of three things, make tools, build equipment, make money with equipment during Christmas shut down. Not enough time to do all three. I need to grip the OD of a 12.5" part and it will become a reoccuring task.

    Any one have any ideas on a supplier?


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    I've never seen them for sale. Two suggestions:

    Buy jaws for your chuck that take soft jaws, make extended jaws to hold the work and fit these to the soft jaws. This is probably easier than cutting the grooves to match the scroll.

    Otherwise, simply buy a bigger chuck. As long as the chuck will physically go on, it's not too big. It may look a bit odd, but it'll be the most rigid solution (as the jaws will be fully supported, instead of hanging 2" out). If you go this route, pick the lightest duty one you can find.

    All of the gear, no idea...


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      Dillon Manufacturing, Inc.
      2115 Progress Drive
      Springfield, Ohio 45505

      They can make any chuck jaw within reason. Received a PM last night with the info.

      I just spoke to the gent and they will be to UPS by Tuesday of next week. One less headache on the list.



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        Soft Jaws

        You can either make your own from scratch - if you have a milling machine, or you can buy basic blanks, and weld on attachmens (if you trust your welding), then machine to suit. We have a couple of 'Custom' sets for 'Boring Large Sprockets'. They are machined with a wide face, to allow us to grab the outside of the teeth, and you are not limited to muliple of 3. In that application runnout is not super critcal, and each jaw straddles a couple of teeth, so it all works out - haven't launched one yet!