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Product Inquiry: Grizzly Digital Protractor

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  • Product Inquiry: Grizzly Digital Protractor

    My eyes are going. Sucks getting old. I can no longer read those %&*(!! little lines on my good ultra-protractor.

    Manufacturing engineer says I only need one decimal place of accuracy for what we do... so with that in mind I located a digital protractor I can actually afford!

    Problem is, it's Grizzly. They can be hit or miss... in my experience it's like an expensive version of Harbor Freight.

    I plop down $90 for this I don't want it to explode, maim, stab, slice or otherwise injure me. Nor do I want the little brain to go "F YOU!!!" the third time I use it.

    Anyone use one daily? Or even occasionally? How'd it hold up? Is it accurate enough?

    Just 'ondering.
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    You can get a similar device from General at Lowes for $30. works well for me. Bob.