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I made a super simple box tool

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  • I made a super simple box tool

    Last week someone posted that they wanted to make a small box tool. And they did not want to use a mill to do it. Got me thinking and here is what I made. I took a piece of stock and turned one end to .75 dia, then drilled other end .75 dia about an inch or so deep. As only turning down 1/2 inch stock to see if it would work. I planned to locate on od of stock to support the material. I wanted to use brass bolts to run on od as support but couldn't
    find where I had put them so I just used plain bolts for trial. I drilled one hole
    .25 dia to hold a round carbide cutter that I ground end down half way to get it on center. Then turned tool 90 degrees round in vice and moved this next hole a bit closer to front of tool so it would be in front of cutter. Then turned tool another 90 degrees and drilled it as second support. Then I tapped these last 2 holes 1/4 20. Then I drilled and tapped a 1/4 20 hole over the cutter bore to hold carbide round cutter in place. Jim

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    Cool, awaiting pics


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      Originally posted by Tony Ennis
      Cool, awaiting pics
      What he said
      Bill in SE Idaho
      With enough time & motivation anything can be fixed


      • #4 know what they say.. "It never happened if you don't have pics"
        I have tools I don't even know I own...


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          hey torker!


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            Where do the chips go?


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              Box Tool

              Looks like it does a good job! How about some pics of the tool?
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