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  • Joeybed

    I just found a local ad for someone selling a Joeybed. This is a slide out tray for a truck bed. He says its never been assembled and he just wants it out of his garage. Looks interesting since I work out of the back of my truck. He also listed a link to their website. "" The website says that they discontinued the product line. My question is does anyone know why and has anyone used this brand? Looks like a good idea that would save me crawling in and out of my truck. The fellow is asking $600 and says it originally cost $1300. Before I spend that kind of money I would like to hear from someone who has used one.

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    Doug i've never had one, so have no advise other than i remember when these came on the market, i did see a few around that time, but lately never seem to see them anymore, but maybe i'm just not around enough.

    Who carried these CTC?


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      Not sure I think they were sold through truck accessory shops. The list of models they fit stop at 2007's.


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        I recently had some house repair work done chimney chase cap/cover and replacing some rotted trim boards with Hardiboard.

        In the large commercial van which the carpenter used, he had built his own elaborate cabinet arrangement of slide out drawers and compartments to house all his tools. Some of the drawers were 6 or 7 ft long, accessed from the back door and extending all the way to the front of the van. Others accessed from the side doors.

        Built of plywood and construction lumber (pine/spruce/etc.), it wasn't particularly pretty to look at, but was very functional and convenient. He had just about every tool imaginable in that van ...all neatly stored and easily accessible. Assuming you knew in which drawer to look, which he did of course.
        I was impressed.
        Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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          I had one, although a different brand. You lose a lot of useful bed space since it has to clear the wheel wells. Not practical enough on the whole IMHO, and we only paid $100 (used).
          Location: North Central Texas