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Harebrained Morse Taper Idea

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  • Harebrained Morse Taper Idea

    I made a couple of MT2 arbors many moons ago, mainly to see if I could do it. Threw them in the pile of creations for future use and promptly forgot about 'em. Then along came a project that finally forced me to get my 6" rotary table out of the original wooden packing box from 5 years ago and make some tooling. The first order of business was a backing plate for my old 3" chuck from a mini lathe, and then, of course, the centering mechanism for the plate. Since the center of the table is an MT2, I somehow remembered those homemade tapers. Dug one out, chucked it in my homemade MT2 sleeve and turned down the centering pin to .375. When all was said and done, I had a runout on the pin of about 2 1/2 thousandths. Considering both sleeve and taper were first time creations, I suppose I shouldn't complain too much about the runout, but by the time you toss on the chuck, that runout grows to about 4 1/2 thousandths on a .500" pin in the chuck. Probably something I can live with, but not be happy.

    So I started thinking (first mistake) that I could take my homemade sleeve, chuck it up in a 4 jaw, dial it in on the outside of the sleeve, then turn the pin down to .375 and perhaps be a bit more accurate, but error is error, and I'm going to find it and transfer it to the rotary table.....guaranteed.

    What if......I turned the pin to say .380, placed it in the rotary table and then mount a horizontal stone on the mill and "turn/grind" the pin in place with the rotary table? I know the center of the table to be 1/2 thousandths or less, so turning it in place should get me pretty close.

    I fully realize there are a boatload of "buy this" solutions, but this is one of those "I wonder if it'll work" ideas that is running around in my pea brain. Should I just opt for Sunday football instead?

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    Center Pin

    I think it's a good idea, but I would turn it down to size with a good end mill instead of a grinding wheel. Your mill spindle won't run fast enough to be a good grinder but it will do fine with an end mill.


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      Thanks for the thought. Since I had my head centered around ground precision, I was thinking of a way to halfway duplicate that, but after all, it's just a centering pin and .375 is .375 no matter how you get there, as long as it's reasonably smooth. Plus, I don't have the mess of slinging grit all over the table and mill.