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  • uh .. gloat?

    I picked up a Wilton C-1 vise tonight. Not quite all there, though. The tommy-bolt style locknuts on the sides are missing (replaced with simple nuts) and the sheet metal "bullet" cap in the back is missing. Worse, Wilton/Jet now only sell that cap as part of an assembly that includes the large rear threaded piece, so that the assembly is nearly $50. Ouch.

    But I got it pretty cheap, $60. Has rust, of course, but it has all the swivel base parts and the serrations on the jaws and the pipe jaws are still sharp.

    Will shoot pix later.


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    Without pictures it didn't happen

    Until one comes along... I'd just make the cap out of delrin/pvc/nylon, aluminum or whatever. My 6 inch end cap was badly dented... I got over the dent when I saw the price.
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      The cap is easy to replace. Measure the bore of the end casting and get a freeze plug from the local parts store. The plugs are usually available in 1/16" increments. Mine was missing and the plug worked well and it was less than $1.

      Nice find, but need pics.


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        That's a nice size vise, I got one from a neighbor a couple of months ago. One of these days I might actually get mine attached to something.


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          Originally posted by Harvey Melvin Richards
          That's a nice size vise, I got one from a neighbor a couple of months ago.
          And you have the smooth jaws too. I may make mine some smooth jaws and also some soft jaws from aluminum. Wish their "manual" showed bolt pattern for jaws ..