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Bridgeport Series I CNC Interface Issues

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  • Bridgeport Series I CNC Interface Issues

    My son recently purchased a Bridgeport Series I CNC with the BOSS 4.0 operating system. The system works fine using the Operator's Main Control Panel. The system includes a ERS CCA that provides an RS-232 interface. This interface was not functional and troubleshooting revealed that the interface line driver and line receiver chips had been blown (probably caused by inadequate grounding between the CNC and computer). I replaced the defective chips (IC4 and IC9) taking the appropriate precautions for static sensitive devices. After replacement of the chips, I performed continuity testing to verify that all connections were intact and that there were no shorts.
    I provided a good ground between the CNC and external computer, and installed the repaired ERS CCA. With power applied, the N,F,S,T, Run, GOTO, Hold, and Wait indicators are illuminated and the machine will not operate at all even from the Operator's Main Control Panel. The machine is locked up and I have been unable to clear this condition using the Restart control or the Reset/Clear switch on the Special Operations Panel. Does anyone know what the indicators mean and/or have any idea what could be wrong? Thanks for your support.
    Rick Lindquist

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    Check out

    Most folks there recommend dumping the Operating system in favor of Mach.


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      Thanks for the suggestion. I will probably pursue the controller upgrade route during phase 2 of the project. For now, I would like to get the original controller working and give my son a chance to save up for the upgrade.
      I plan to instrument the ERS CCA and use my O-Scope to evaluate the signals to and from the UART and certain other control signals. The symptoms that I am now seeing after the CCA repair are similar to those I saw on a previous occasion when I neglected to re-install the K6, K7, and K8 connectors on the top of the ERS CCA. I believe the K7 connector has interlock signals that could cause the machine to freeze up.


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        I have a series one cnc but converted it to mach before even powering it up. As for your problem.... I think your best bet would be to post the problem on cnczone in their bridgeport section. There are a couple guys there that are/were bridgeport employees for many years and know these machines inside-out. I have seen them give detailed help on similar problems.

        This site is a excellent resource when its time to do some actual machining.


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          Thanks Sparky for your help. I will register and post on CNCZone.