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    I have a Cannon PowerShot SX110IS camera that I dearly love, and it works like a charm-----most of the time. I never mess with the settings on it, except once in a while I turn on the "macro" function to get a close up picture of a small engine part, but other than that, I don't mess with the settings, because I am, to put it bluntly "Gadget Challenged".----There is some setting on the camera that occasionally gets out of whack, and when it does the camera takes just horrible, out of focus videos. I have been trying to get a good video of the KrazyKlockwork mechanism this afternoon and the results are deploreable. Can anybody explain to me in words of two syllables or less, just what the heck might be wrong? The last time this happened I took the camera up to futureshop, and the kid fixed it in about 3 seconds and gave me one of those looks that only a teenager can give to old farts like me, messin with electronic gadgetry.---Brian
    Brian Rupnow

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    You probably left it in macro mode before taking the video.
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      Okay--Problem is solved. I was forgetting to hold the push button half way down untill the camera focused itself and then beeped at me to let me know I should then push the button all the way down to shoot an "In focus" movie. Thanks guys.
      Brian Rupnow


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        Online manual, if that will help.
        Errol Groff

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          Originally posted by Errol Groff
          Only if you read it. :-)