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OT "Hotbox" Diesel Burning Block Heater

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  • OT "Hotbox" Diesel Burning Block Heater

    Hi, fellas. I believe this is my first post on this board, although I have been hanging out here for over a year. I am trying to help a friend find a device, which I believe is called a hotbox, it is a diesel fuel burning block heater often time used on large over the highway trucks. I have had friends tell me they've heard of them, and when I posted this question a while back over a practical machinist a few guys there said they had been around for a while and I should be able to find an easily on Google.

    Well, when I search for hotbox or hotbox and diesel heater or hotbox and just about any other keywords I can think of, I either come up with this hot water heater for RVs or I find references to overheated bearings on locomotives. I am aware of the Espar heaters so you can buy new, but I believe they are about $1500. What my friend is trying to find is a used hotbox that he can obtain cheaply. Do any of you know of a scrapyard were such a thing may be obtained? Could any of you tell me who manufactured these devices, and possibly give me a few model numbers? Any information you can offer would be greatly appreciated!


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    It's made by Stewart Warner here:
    Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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      The most common terminology seems to be 'parking heater'. Webasto and Espar are two names that Google turned up. If you want used, try calling truck salvage yards and used truck dealers.


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        I've seen those,even have a Russian military version around somewhere,kinda iffy thou safty wise,heard stories of fires before.
        I just need one more tool,just one!