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  • ER32 collets

    I need a set of end mill collets with a MT collet holder and checking around I am finding a big difference in pricing, what kind of negatives should I expect from a set like this vs a "name brand"?

    Even Enco has an "import" set that's more than twice this price and I assume they are both Chinese, the "better Brands" of course are a lot more than that. Are the better sets really worth the price for a home shop? I'm honestly not looking for encouragement to buy the cheap set, if they are junk and not worth the money I want to know before I go to all the trouble.

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    I have a MT2 ER25 chuck from ctctools, cheap as dirt and good enough for me... at least I havn't had any trouble milling with it, I have not measured it. I

    I would expect some more variability in the quality, you might get lucky or not. But I wouldn't generally trust a $250 chinese import set more than a $125 chine se import set. I would tend to think more markup.... The chuck I bought was less than $20 so worth taking a chance on.

    Think about if you need a full set of collets to start with, for me I use mostly 6, 8, 10 and 12mm. Most of the other collets I have never had any use for..


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      What about bison set like this, price seems pretty good considering that list is around $350


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        Negatives with these? Well, you *might* find that there are small burrs along the slits that haven't been removed after grinding, but these can usually be removed with a fine triangular stone.

        Once any burrs are gone, they should grip as well as any other ER collets.

        If you add their stated runout up, you should see no more than 1 thou. For the work that you do, is this sufficiently accurate? It would be for me, not for others.

        For home shop use, it looks like a good deal.

        For info, if you look around, you can also buy 'oversize' collets that'll extend the range upwards by a few mm - might be handy sometime.

        All of the gear, no idea...


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          I bought the basic set from CTC and they seem to be ok for milling operations . 4mm to 20mm

          I will buy odd sizes as required as some of the sizes in a complete set would never get used .


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            Just wanted to say thanks for the replies, so with no horror stories to worry about I decided to go ahead and buy them. Should do for what I need them for if those specs are even near close.


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              I'm in a similar position - I'd be interested in learning how they work out for you.
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                I will let you know in a week or so.


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                  Originally posted by radkins
                  I need a set of end mill collets with a MT collet holder and checking around I am finding a big difference in pricing, what kind of negatives should I expect from a set like this vs a "name brand"?
                  The big difference, aside from fit and finish, is going to be the collet runout.
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                    Well I got my collet set and I guess the joke is on me! I got these off E-Bay and to be fair the outfit I bought them from has not had time to reply to my complaint so as for now I will assume they will address the problem, they have a 100% feedback with a lot of sales so maybe I can return it. I cleaned everything before setup, checked for burrs etc and then checked the main body for run-out before installing an end mill. The main body of the collet holder runs at about .0005 so at that point I am thinking all is well, but then I installed an end mill. With the locking collar hand tightened I checked the end mill shank about 1/2" from collet and run-out was almost .003, thinking it was not tight enough I used the wrench that came with the set and tightened it down a bit tighter ( reasonably tight, I did not bear down on it!) and checked again-.008 this time and that is less than 1/2" from the collet! I took everything apart and cleaned again rechecked for burrs and tried a different size collet and end mill with exactly the same results, tightening this thing down fairly tight on a 5/8" end mill gives a run-out of about .010. Basically the end mill run-run is acceptably true with the locking collar only finger tight but the tighter it is the worse the run-out.

                    So much for my bargain collet set!


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                      Sounds like the holder is OK. Maybe try buying 1 or 2 quality collets and see if that fixes it before you spend the $$$ on a set????



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                        I tried a 1/4", 1/2" and a 5/8" all with the same results and it would seem that all is well untill the locking collar is tightened, I even removed the locking collar and lightly (very lightly) tapped the collet into the holder with a piece of wood. After doing this I checked and run-out was less than .001 so I re-installed the collar and hand tightened it resulting in about .004 run-out, could the collar seating surface be machined wrong possibly? I guess it doesn't really matter where the fault is because I will have to return it, hopefully anyway, for a replacement or refund- at this point I think I would prefer a refund.


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                          Rated tightening torque for ER-32 collets is surprising, Parlec suggest 125 ft-lbs:


                          Edit: ER-20 collets I got from CTC Tools were good, ER-32's I got from eBay had runout that varied from collet to collet.
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                            Originally posted by GadgetBuilder
                            Rated tightening torque for ER-32 collets is surprising, Parlec suggest 125 ft-lbs:


                            I didn't think it would be anywhere near that much but since the tighter it gets the worse the problem seems to be I am assuming really torquing down like that would not solve the problem. I will however get back out to the shop and tighten that thing down and see what happens,

                            Thanks for the info


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                              I assume you know that you must first engage the collet in the eccentric ring in the collet nut before you screw the nut onto the holder, then finally insert the endmill, or do I assume to much?