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OT: Anyone here really understand computerized wheel alignment?

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  • OT: Anyone here really understand computerized wheel alignment?

    I was having a tire patched the other day at the local shop. While I was waiting, I watched one of the guys doing a four-wheel alignment on a pickup. He put the alignment heads on the wheels, locked on the clamps that grip the treads, rolled the car back and forth a bit, then went under the truck to make adjustments. Pretty slick.

    What puzzles me is that the two alignment heads I could see were at least two inches off center on the wheel. That just seems nutso. I was able to find lots of sales hype on-line for the equipment, but nothing to really explain how it works.

    Can the modern computer wheel alignment machines really compensate for what appears to be a sloppy setup?
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    It would help if you were to mention the brand of alignment system.



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      Yes they can to a point. There is a compensation mode where the computer takes all the variations from a uncentered head and compensates for it.