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    My best bench among the four that I have is actually a Southworth Lift table. I was looking for one and ran into a great deal on fleabay due to weight/size and no ship policy of the listing party. It is 110 volt hydraulic 42" X 48" table that lifts to 4000# to about 4'. I can adjust the table where I want height wise and do not have to lift stuff near as high to get it on top. I have even had my zero turn up on it for repairs.


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      I went way out in the back yard of my local lumber yard and found a pile of laminate beam remnants.

      three different thicknesses 3 1/2..5 1/2..7 1/2,widths up to 24",lengths up to 15'

      Some weathering but a plane fixes that.

      I talked him into selling for 1,2,or 3$ a foot depending on thickness.

      Great workshop benches. Built one by the bbq and painted it with clear two part epoxy. It took a dozen coats of the stuff but shines like glass and is very tough. Everyone compliments the table.


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        My heavy workbench is
        a frame made from 2x6 framing lumber
        with cross bracing every 2'
        the top is about 2'x6' (of course, the size depends
        on what you want to do, etc)
        across the top are 2x6s laid lengthwise
        on the flat side and over that is 1/4" masonite
        just for a smooth surface (and a replaceable one)

        the legs are 2x4s.
        i bolted the top-frame to the legs (so it's
        not the bolts that take the load, but the friction
        between the top-frame and the leg)
        around the bottom is a 2x4 skirt with a 1/2"
        plywood shelf

        i originally left the back open, but the thing
        was a bit wobbly, so i put a spare piece of
        plywood there, now it's stable.

        mine is on casters (the caster mounting plates
        bolt to the bottom skirt -- tends to hold it all together
        and gives a good anchor for the casters).
        i have it on casters because i have a smallish workshop,
        so need to be able to move things around fairly easily.
        usually, the bench sits in the middle of the shop, with
        easy access all around.

        it's about 30-32" high.
        it was taller (36? 40? -- i forget)
        but i cut it down, it 'fits' me better now.
        the "right height" depends on a a lot of things,
        like how tall you are, how much overhead room you
        have, the size of the things you're putting on it, etc.

        since it's made out of cheap materials, i have no qualms
        about f'ing around with it. i've drilled holes in the
        top to mount portable tools to it when i want to use them,
        i've screwed or nailed blocking or clamping material to it
        to help with projects...



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          Bench for a vise

          This is a small bench but extremely solid. It can be redesign for a larger bench.


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            The height should be about your elbow height to the top for comfort of working, just my 2 cents worth which aint worth to much
            Bill in SE Idaho
            With enough time & motivation anything can be fixed


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              Originally posted by theGallery
              This is a small bench but extremely solid. It can be redesign for a larger bench.

              Nice job! Love the "leg vise"
              "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did."


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                I finally got around to installing my 11awg (about 1/8") cover onto part of my shop benches. The oak veneer solid core doors look pretty, but can't take much abuse. The sheet steel is stock mill hot rolled sheet, finished with a very light oil - rubbed in then rubbed dry. The edge is supported with 2x2x1/4 angle, plug welded every 6 inches from the back. This make for a nice square edge that can take a beating.

                Door slab edge routed out for the edge support angle. The recess depth was adjusted so the door slab still supports both the angle and the top.

                Plug welding (3/8 pre-drllled holes) the angle on the bottom side of the front and right. Any excess on the back was ground off flat so the angle would sit tight to the wood. The corner was welded after the picture from the back.

                Aluminum backer about 3/4 thick acts as a heat sink incase my newbie welding technique wants blow though the top side. Just a very slight discoloration on the top - no grinding needed!
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                  Mag drill sure makes drilling for the vise bolts easy.

                  Important if your mess with motors, vfd, and other such - ground the bench!

                  Also essential - bottle opener.

                  Finished.... Take a good look - it will soon be buried in whatever. The backsplash is 3/4" thick nylon - just happened to have it lying around.
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                    Impressive bench top lakeside!!

                    Real nice job!!


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                      Impressive bench top lakeside!!

                      Real nice job!!


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                        If it were me I would build it like a cabinet with either drawers under the bench or doors can never have enough storage.


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                          Nevermind I will keep my mouth shut....great looking bench and shop!!!


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                            Very nice! Now you need to get on with some projects of some kind besides tools to make tools to make tools, etc- or benches to hold tools

                            I find it very satisfying to have a good solid workbench, flat and level. I'm itching to change one or two at work-
                            I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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                              I use a section of kitchen... Some day I may reorganize so I can have a bigger nicer bench.

                              There is 4 draws and cabinets with the original orange counter top. lol



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                                Ummmmm,,, Andy,,,,,,, We CAN'T see the bench!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!