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3 Jaw chuck nomenclature?

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  • 3 Jaw chuck nomenclature?

    What is the proper name for the replaceable jaws on smaller chucks? Inside? Outside? Regular? Oversize? Reason I ask is I have a 4" Union chuck with only one set of jaws, the type for larger material. Looking to find the "regular" jaws, but don't know what to search for. I know it's a long shot, but the chuck is in new condition and I would like to put it to use. Thanks, Bob.

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    The ones we usually use for "outside" gripping in general use are actually the "inside" jaws..... the ones with steps on the outside.

    The ones with steps on the "inside", are actually "outside" jaws, for gripping the "outside" of a part. We usually do not use them like that because they have stuff sticking out in the way of the tool etc.

    The steps allow gripping different sized parts on their outside or inside (as applicable) without moving the jaws to extreme positions.

    I plan to go on using the "inside" jaws to grip the "outside" of smaller work...... names notwithstanding.....

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      On a two piece jaw I think the inner jaw is referred to as the master jaw and the jaw that bolts to it and is reversible is referred to as the top jaw. They can come as soft, hard, solid or serrated. If it's a one piece jaw I think it's referred to as a solid jaw.



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        Just look in the MSC catalog, you will figure out whatever nomenclature you need.


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          I have the same chuck, with the same problem, and found jaws after watching online auctions for three months. Do you feel lucky?



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            You have outside jaws. You want inside jaws. No one make them anymore for that chuck so its probably ebay.

            Probably have a better chance winning the lottery.