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Worlds smallest V-12 engine - enjoy!

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  • Worlds smallest V-12 engine - enjoy!
    "To invent you need a good imagination and a pile of junk" Thomas Edison

    Better to have tools you don't need than to need tools you don't have

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    Originally posted by Metalmelter
    was posted here about 2 weeks ago .

    all the best.markj


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      Yep that's impressive, but is it in fact an engine? I probably missed something there, but it kinds looked to me like it was spinning on compressed air, not running in the sense of producing primary power.

      I'm not saying it isn't an primary mover engine, just that I'm not so sure about what I actually saw in the video. Other then some fine machine work, no doubt about that.


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        Whilst the workmanship is very good the engine is as +or-Zero says running on compressed air, it could quite as easily run on steam.



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          Pretty amazing. It can still be considered an engine, or at least a motor, just like any other pneumatic motor.

          I so wish it was I.C. though!


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            Oh yes, I wasn't implying it wasn't a motor, just that I thought it was not a primary power engine. It just wasn't clear to me if they were implying it was primary power or not. But motor it most assuredly is.

            Here is (it's also probably been posted someplace here before) a interesting primary power 12 cylinder scale engine (and car):


            Even if you've seen this before it's always worth another look --and listen.