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OT: Old camcorders, any value?

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  • OT: Old camcorders, any value?

    Before I bring them to recycling, is there anything worth salvaging from obsolete camcorders? Lens, optics? Little motors?


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    Lens, optics, and little motors. Unless what you have is 100 years old, it will all be surface mount parts of which very little is usable. The transport mechanism will be full of tiny rollers, spacers, and screws. Around here, an assortment of tiny screws has been invaluable as replacement items. If you lose a screw from your tiny electronic device, where would you go to find one- that might be your biggest value right there. Sometimes you lose a screw out of your glasses-
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      Well, I still use my obsolete VHS camcorder to make movies. So, if they work, put them on eBay so that people like me can buy them .


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        you can use them as security cameras .

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          lately i've been working on making some indicator holder pieces - not because it's cost effective, but because i'm still learning and getting used to things. making everything i want seems to be a great way to keep interested and always have something worthwhile. trying to find suitable small springs for these (or for any other project, for that matter) seems difficult and expensive. i've decided that any piece of electronics i scrap will be cannibalized for small springs first now.


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            The viewfinders on many of those are self-contained video monitors-just add power and a video signal. That might be something you could use.