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How does USPS Small flat rate box work.

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  • How does USPS Small flat rate box work.

    Bought some small diamond tips from the States.
    In the advert it states "We can ship 10 items for the price of one" so ordered 10

    Came today in the small flat rate box, 8" x 6" x 2" with a declared weight of 3 ounces.

    Why can they ship only 10 ? According to the USPS web site they can ship 4 pounds to the UK ?

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    It works the way you described it. I like the domestic flat rate boxes -up to 70LB! I've used it to ship a BP head knuckle from the East to West coast for $12
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      For the most part anything you can cram into the flat rate box along with any protective packing needed can be shipped at that flat rate. There are weight limits. But if it will fit in the box, You'd almost have to ship cast lead bars to exceed those limits.



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        they may have just been saying 10 for 1 as an example and not an exact measurement maybe? it could be 100 for 1 with no trouble.

        i recently bought some tool steel scraps on ebay. 55lbs for $11 and change - it completely filled a medium flat rate box. shipped from san diego, california to maine for around $12. the postmaster put the package on the scales and figured that it would have been over $100 to ship something like that without the flat rate. i will say the postmaster wasn't real impressed because the package was literally half her weight. she had to leave it on my porch in a plastic carry tub because she couldn't carry it without it. those flat rate boxes are the greatest thing since sliced bread for this business.


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          The company that sold them to you pulled a typical marketing ploy. They COULD have shipped you 1500 tips for the same price as one, but they sure did make you feel warm and fuzzy cause they'd do ten for you. I hate marketers.

          The latest thing here is the TV ads declaring that if you buy one of their [insert item here], they will send you another [insert ad item here] for FREE...... just pay separate shipping and handling!! S&H is damn near the cost of the [insert ad item here]. I hate marketers.


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            The last shipment of #6 shot arrived in a flat rate box. It was only 50 pounds of lead. I don't remember the rate charged at that time, but it was the rate just before the latest increase. I had to go to town to pick it up.



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              One problem with heavy shipments is that the boxes are not terribly strong. I have received a K&T arbor support in one that was lined with hardboard. Another heavy shipment had a second box inside the outer one. I have received some shipments where the boxes bulged enough that the flaps did not meet and was surprised the Post Office accepted them.
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                You guys sure have it good! I had my GARBAGE CAN refused pickup because it weighed more than 25 kilos, (55 lbs.)
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                  Originally posted by uncle pete
                  There are weight limits. But if it will fit in the box, You'd almost have to ship cast lead bars to exceed those limits.
                  I routinely buy 2 1/2" bars of W2 that are jammed into a flat-rate box for blademsithing. It's gotten to be a joke with the local mail carrier.

                  That only works if the box is properly prepped and taped. If you just throw loose ingots in the box, they just fly out at the first USPS clearing house, and you receive and empty box with "Damaged in Transit" USPS tape on it.
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                    Gotta say, I am a bit confused about some of what USPS posts on their site since it does not seem to jive, necessarily, with actual "fact".
                    Strictly from EBay buying experiences, costs supposedly put in place by USPS are all over the map...if I don't see the price for shipping via USPS matching up with what the Post Office website states, a flag goes up immediately...and while I can understand handling etc. there is NO international flat rate box for $56.95 (as example of prices I have seen).

                    Two raw 10" cast back plates will fit and be under weight limit of 20lbs, a 6" chuck (plus minus that 1/4" that seems to show up from time to time), 4 jaw will just get under weight limit. It is sort of the control factor for me, to make sense I will try and fill up a box to very near weight limit.

                    What some seem to forget or it may just be a matter of convenience (which sort of goes out the window in terms of complaints if I am paying for "handling" anyway) is that shipping internationally, one does not have to use said flat rate boxes and the size/shape possible is considerably bigger, if you want to pay and from what I have found, the rates are not unreasonable.


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                      How does USPS Small flat rate box work.

                      Well John it is like this. There is a flat piece of cardboard that is creased and then bent into the shape of a box. The flaps are then closed after you put your article into the box.
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                        It's the cheapest way to ship a Bridgy to the US, should the urge strike.


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                          I bought some collets from a guy in the USA. They would physically fit in the large flat rate box, but were over the weight allowed. I think the weight limit to Canada is 20 lbs...maybe 25 lbs..??? He had to use a large and a small I think. Not sure if that weight limit is imposed by USPS or Canada Post.



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                            USPS, 4lbs small, 20lbs either of two mediums or large, not sure about envelops (I think they just introduced a couple more)

                            Canada Post, AFAIK, has an upper weight limit and an upper size limit (total dimensions, LxWxH, but also, I think, limits on side dimension individually...I believe it has to do the fit inside a standardize container of theirs) but don't really care where within those parameters something is, large really light or small really heavy, you get charged a given amount I believe based on weight alone (provide of course it falls within the max dimension rules)...