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I must have had a good summer - tool wise-GLOAT

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  • I must have had a good summer - tool wise-GLOAT

    I have to admit that once the golf course opens here in my hometown, I do not see my shop as much as I do in the winter, and things get at best, discombobulated on the work bench. I do stop at tool sales and such, make many things out of need more than hobby, and buy up for my winter months of maiking things almost every night.

    Course closed finally this past week, first weekend dedicated to the shop. Put things away was the order of the day - 11 hours. I also now have need to put the cars in the garage as SWMBO really dislikes scraping windows and puling snow off a car WHEN WE HAVE A TWO CAR GARAGE... (that is her yelling, not I)....Over the summer I picked up 36 feet of 1 inch al of some sort of grade that really turns nice and chips off kind of flakey, probably enough drills to fill three number/letter/fractional indexes, a set of mics range 4 inch to 10 inch - antique at that, a 13 inch vernier caliper, four busted dial calipers - mitiyoyo that can be made probably into one good caliper, a broken Intelitek Prolight mill with a burned out and out of date control that has ball screws (would take 12K to fix, got the call on the seventh hole this summer) - may be my second manual mill, about 100 end mills range 1/4 to 1/16 inch, a sherline milling machine that was once a CNC but will be a manual machine for me (my first home manual mill, my other one is a CNC Sherline), too many taps to even fathom, a couple of five gallon buckets of assorted brass pieces each 4 to six inch length 3/8 diameter to 3" diameter, more aluminum shorts, flat and round 6 inch length from 1/8 inch thick to 3 inch thick, a .0001 indicator on a metal surface plate set-up, three sets of various metric and inch wrenches - socket and combination, and a quarter million it seems allen and Torx wrenches. Spent less than $100.00 for it all, much was "get it out of here" type of dealing.

    My best find though was a new Miller Mobile home forced air fuel oil heater to replace my nearly dead one! hooked it up last night, put a five gallon bucket of fuel oil on it this morning, only used 1/2 gallon all day and was really toasty putting stuff away! Looks like a great winter ahead, my project for the winter is a sterling engine - once I get all things going.
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    On the aluminum it sounds like 2011. If there is any brown paint on the endsor if the ends are chamfered that should nail it down.

    On the garage I know how you feel. The two car garage with no place to park is a broken record at my place.

    Congrats on the mountain of loot you accumulted.


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      No pics?

      You are full of shine-o-la without pics to prove it, thats the rules!
      James Kilroy