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pin size for 5/8" knurls?

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  • pin size for 5/8" knurls?

    i just picked up a box of 12 knurls for $3.00 at a second hand tool shop. since i never got much tooling when i got my lathe, i decided for that price i'd try making a knurling tool. i got 6 pair total - 3 different pitch pairs in straight and left/right angled. they measure 5/8" diameter by 5/16" wide (within a couple thousandths per my 20 year old chinese calipers).

    the center hole is what i have a question with. all i had for fitting was a drill index, and 7/32" is the largest size bit that fits through. it did have a slight amount of wobble, but i'm not sure how much slop is normal for this application. 6mm is virtually identical to 15/64", so it can't be a metric hole. i'm thinking i'll try finding some 7/32" hardened pins and give it a try, unless someone knows what the exact size rod should be? i assume a 5/8"x5/16" knurl is a common enough of an item that someone must have the same size ones to know what the center pin should be?

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    Do you have transfer punches? One of them may give you a better idea of the diameter. Or use your calipers?


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      For my Aloris 5/8" x 3/8" knurls the bolt is 1/4" and it's hardened. There isn't much play when you slip the bolt through the knurl. The shank is also ground so it's a smooth surface for the knurl to turn on. I don't think a regular bolt shank would be toleranced properly or round enough.