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Carbide inserts for D,andrea boring head

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  • Carbide inserts for D,andrea boring head

    I recently acquired a d,andrea boring head (no this is not a gloat)
    I am looking for suitable tips which are triangular, 3 sizes 6,9,11 mm.
    Anyone know a source (ideally UK) but don't mind paying extra postage from the colonies.

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    Which model number do you have?

    You can contact D'Andrea directly and they might have the parts you need.
    Location: The Black Forest in Germany

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      It is a TRM63 with a selection of small to large bars and extensions.
      I reckon it might range from 8mm to maybe 125mm maybe more at a stretch.
      I will try the D'Andrea UK site but wondered if there might have been other suppliers without the price tag which goes with the UK agent.

      They are this configuration
      And Iscar seem to do a similar configuration of head but not knowing the designation system I don't know what Iscar tips are equivalent to the D'andrea ones I want to replace
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        Originally posted by john11668
        I recently acquired a d,andrea boring head (no this is not a gloat)
        It should be a gloat -- pictures!!!
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          Stuff that small I use HSS. I can stone it back to sharpness right on the machine.

          But that doesn't answer the question, does it. Oh, well. Guess I'm gonna be disruptive today. Maybe I'll go out to the food court at the mall and covertly slop my drink in the napkin dispensers.


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            Wasn't meaning to gloat but the bidding was slow that day!
            Camera lead has gone walkabout again . (Will kill daughter 2 when she comes home) so you have to make do with ebay pics.


            It seems on close inspection the 11 and 9 inserts are triangular.
            6mm ones are not . Would seem to be this shape but same style of tip


            Also for the alert amongst you It is not actually 40 as advertised but 50.
            Supplier has agreed to supply an ISO 40 taper adaptor .
            Anyone have a use for a D'Andrea adaptor with 50 taper? (The pull stud screws out)

            Thanks for comments. Will value any further help
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