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OT: Wind turbines?

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    Originally posted by J Tiers

    As for turbines not turning....When I drive up 39 in Illinois, the majo
    well my turbines seem to be making up-there close to the rated output today

    look at North Hoyle ..North Wales 48 Mw ..and rated for 60Mw

    also in the same area Rhyl-flats seems to be making over the rated value 90.1 and rated for 90

    yesrterday they were only making a tenth were most ..seems to be only a bit of extra wind today ..wonder if they are jiggling with the figures cause link must have sent a lot of people looking there .

    all the best.markj


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      Even though Mcgyver is totally right about the entitlist people who enlist "feel good" people to run around and, in my opinion, disrupt the general continuum with their lame suggestions (like telling the kids to turn off the water between the lather and rinse in the save, apparently, water)
      I'm sure that many of us have either seen or been a victim of these "do gooders" at one time or another. Sometimes these people can be more harmful than good.

      When I was working, we had a County Safety Officer. His job was to make sure none of us was getting ourselves killed as we went about our daily assignments. But, somewhere along the line, his purpose was politically meddled with and derailed. I remember the day he came by, halted all activities in the shop, and called us together to announce some very important "changes" in the department. (it was bad enough that he stopped everything ). Once he had our attention, he calmly stated that we were all being issued safety gear, which will be worn all of the time during normal working hours. He pulled out safety glasses, bump caps, back supports, kidney belts, gloves, steel toed shoes, jock straps, suspenders, and long sleeved shirts. The full suit of "safety gear" probably cost the County $1000 per we were already spending money we didn't have. True, we were safer, but at what cost? Safety glasses were prone to fogging, bump caps were causing neck compression injuries, gloves were a pure annoyance due to their poor durability, and getting "suited up" each morning was costing the County an hour of each employee's day...But, the "County Safety Officer" got an award, and a raise....
      Our department supervisor had to get into the act, too. A lot of our Road Department trucks were diesel powered. When the cost of diesel fuel went off the charts, he suggested we switch the trucks over to "red" diesel fuel...good idea, except for the fact that "red" is not taxed and is for off road use only. It also carries a sizable penalty and fines for using it in road vehicles... Somebody pointed it out to him before he made a complete ass of himself...But, not to be discouraged, he submitted a rule change requiring the Road Department trucks be shut off whenever the crews were out of the save fuel....Good idea...except in the summer around here. The trucks had been left running to provide relief from the furnace-like heat out on the job-sites. If one of the crews started to show signs of heat stress, they would be placed in the air conditioned truck so they could recover, somewhat. After four of the Road Crew employees were hauled off to the hospital suffering from heat-stroke, one almost died, the "idea" was quietly dropped.
      This same supervisor was also responsible for one Sheriff's Deputy getting killed, driving on badly worn tires, that should have been changed, but were not...."to save money".. He also had a mechanic work in the wrecked vehicle yard for almost a full day, @ $22 per hour, in an attempt to find a replacement bearing (used) for a patrol car....In the end, the mechanic didn't find a usable bearing, but told the supervisor that a new bearing was only $18 at the auto parts store....A living example of somebody tripping over a gold bar to pick up a penny.
      Government in action. I suppose there's a "place" for all of these idiots. Had they not known somebody in government or gotten elected, they would never be able to support themselves or their families in the "real" world...

      I think this guy went on to develop and market battery-less, solar powered flashlights.
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      No good deed goes unpunished.