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    Flylo,, be great if you could post pics of those tools!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      I'm having trouble with photobucket, it may be my computer. I'll work on it. Thanks!


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        True,Practical Machinist is supposed to be for professionals(though I KNOW many there are NOT),and Don prohibits the mention of hobby grade machines. My largest lathe is a 16" Grizzly. I would never recommend it for production,but it is very accurate,turning true and facing flat. It has been fine for me since 1986. The carriage is its weak spot as it has an open back,and the gears are not bathed in oil. But then,neither are the smaller South Bends.


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          Originally posted by flylo
          I'm having trouble with photobucket, it may be my computer. I'll work on it. Thanks!
          Me too! What is it with that cursed outfit? they can't leave anything that works alone. I log in and the up-load button does nothing. :-(


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            Years ago before the China invasion most people that wanted a lathe wouldn't have one at all if it wasn't for Atlas. We should consider our selves lucky that all that cheap Chinese "Crap", as many refer to it, is available otherwise we wouldn't have anything at all.

            If you want to see what can be done with a modest shop check this out.

            The shortest distance between two points is a circle of infinite diameter.

            Bluewater Model Engineering Society at

            Southwestern Ontario. Canada


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              LOOSENUT,,, You got it right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              If all we could buy was the left over, unwanted ,worn out N. American machines that have had their day,, very few of us could afford setting up a homeshop,, and the same goes for tooling.

              Anyone who has been into tools and machines for some time will notice that a lot of the imported machines have greatly improved over the years, they had to improve due to competion between off shore manufacturers vying for sales over here.

              I love old N. American brands as much as anybody, but trying to purchase a bunch of machinery used, many of us would have to take out a second mortgage.

              Sad to say, but i cannot see this situation ever turning around. I would prefer N.American machines also,, but we have slipped into an era of cheaper imported machines,, and many i think will agree that tools of any kind or level quality have NEVER been so cheap for the Home Machinist.


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                The one plus to manufacturing moving out of Michigan is 3 phase tools are dirt cheap. It's sad but so much is sold for scrap. Nows the time to load up on good used American equipment.