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Better choice for wood stove gas lighter?

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    the bars in my anthracite boiler were made out of something called chrome-iron ..that would be a good choice

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      fire clay ... see tuyere.
      a simple pipe with holes can be fashioned in clay


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        Due to it's high nickle and chrome content I would still like to suggest 304 SS as the viable material of choice.

        Though continuous use of 304 stainless as high temperature is not recommended occasional service of 304 stainless up to 870؛C will give good oxidation resistance.

        304 SS is the universal material preference for virtually all OEM or after market exhaust system components. It's use in high heat applications (up to 1600F) is almost universal. It's resistance to scaling and flaking is exactly the reason it is in such widespread use.

        Search for another option if you must, but unless your wood heater regularly exceeds 1600°F, I don't think you'll find a more economically viable alternative.
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          Originally posted by Evan
          There may be materials that last longer but not longer enough. They only shut down once per year so if a better material exists it must last at least two years with safety margin. Lasting 50% longer isn't good enough.
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            What if you position it where the wood won't touch it & make a SS cover that flips oner it after you turn it off that way you protect the pipe. Make the cover in a v shape to shed the embers. Flip the cover open light the fire then turn off the gas & flip it closed.


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              Interesting idea, but probably not in my fireplace - I'd have to open the doors to flip it, and wood always moves around so it would tend to jam as it burns down.

              I'm going to try 316 pipe even though it's not recommend to operate it (or 304) continously in the fire temperature range; above 860C or below 425C is fine, just not in that "middle zone" unless intermittantly. I might be able to place some type of fixed open "mesh" SS guard.