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  • Anyone buying here?

    CDCO Machinery Corp:

    Are these people still in business?

    Anyone who have dealt with them had problems or are they good?

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    I've bought from them several times with no problem.
    All items were as described and at an excellent price.
    I cut it off twice and it's still too short!


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      I tried to call him on a tool, I couldnt understand him and he was rude!
      Feel free to put me on ignore....


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        This has been discussed many times on here. Just search the General archives for CDCO and it should pull up several discussion with both points of view.

        I have had good luck with "Frank" at CDCO and his prices are good and the tool quality is what you expect from China. I think he is just really busy these days.

        I have probably bought $2K worth of stuff from him including a SINO DRO for my mill, no compliants from me.

        Tools4Cheap.Net is good too and has a good selection.



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          I too have been lucky with CDCO although there was a slight language issue. It wasn't all the difficult to understand though, perhaps because I live in S. Florida and am used to language difficulties.


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            I have bought from "Frank" at CDCO in the past and his service has always been good. The language barrier can be alleviated somewhat by keeping the dialog simple and polite, as I believe he does try.
            The quality of tools seems to be on par with the better HSM type Chinese tooling.

            The deal killer for me, at least the last time I dealt there, was the UPS shipping. Having a $100 order held ransom by UPS for brokerage and documentation fees of $45 takes the fun out of the transaction.
            Things may have changed....check.

            For something a little closer give these guys a try, right in Ontario.
            Accusize Industrial

            Here's a link to their latest .PDF flyer with all of the product prices.
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              I have bought from CDCO as well as having met Frank at NAMES. I have a lot of respect for anyone who will undertake to move to a new country with new language and customs and set up a business. More power to him.

              If you talk to him and insist on USPS for shipping, he will use it, as well as the USPS Flat Rate for more savings. UPS to Canada is nothing but a rip off.
              Jim H.


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                Re: Accusize, bought some extra AXA size holders, and aside from being out of stock on a model or two (they did contact me ASAP when those items came back into stock and they were a bit oddball) service was very good, price a bit higher (about 30% more) but I would balance that by them showing up in the old style Phase II boxes so I tend to believe him when he says he has been using the same manufacturer and for nearly a decade or and finish good though not hardened on any surface that I can tell, no need to replace screws/nuts/locking washers yet (only 4 months of use though)...

                someone else here posted that some of the end mills were in fact US manufacture so there is a mix but who really knows...


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                  Thanks Willy!!

                  I just ran through their site but not what i,m looking for.

                  Looking for a #2 M/T shank colletchuck and collets.


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                    I've done about a dozen orders from CDCO with no problem. This morning I ordered ten more AXA size tool holders and another stack of six inch rules (we use cheap ones in the guitar shop because they're always getting misplaced or dropped.)

                    Frank Ford