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  • New guy with a question

    Just found this site, it's great to have a place for like minded people to get together and share ideas, and sometimes a laugh.

    I've got a lathe that I'm trying to track down the general history of, and maybe parts;

    Manufactured by Simplex Machine tool Co. 14X36 geared head, obviously intended to be run on a line shaft. It is said to have come out of the machine shop of a local mine that shut down in the 30s.

    Can't find any model number on it, but one of the leg castings has "Cleveland" proudly embossed on it.

    Any help would be appreciated


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    Bushrat Mike, I just went online using Google and found Simplex evidently went out of business many years ago. There is a site where pictures are available, perhaps with a little digging more info could be found. If you don't have a computer with internet access, your nearby public library may be able to help in that regard.


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      Mike try


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