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Yearly electric bill for my shop

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    Originally posted by aboard_epsilon
    in the uk depending on what tariff you find (hundreds) ..its between £0.11 and £0.14 a unit..then tax on it at 8 percent
    The $0.12-$0.15 I quoted includes meter charges, fuel charges and taxes. I took the total price from the bottom of the bill and divided it by the total kWH. So if I did the math right, your all up price in the UK for a kWH is about $0.185 in US dollars. Not bad, other areas of the US are higher, not many places lower except maybe some Hydo power.

    Still, Germany prices are similar to UK prices, I'll bet that annual bill is a whopper!



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      here's a chart from November 2011, its in euros

      looks like Bulgaria has the cheapest 0.08..and Denmark the dearest 0.29, Germany not far behind Denmark at 0.25 a unit

      At that price in germany one wonders why they are pushing to keep the EU going !

      btw they have another tariff for all electric heating here called economy 7 thats £0.047 a unit ...uses night storage heaters, off peak, that dont last the day out

      cant work out why they went from the bulky heaters that diid last to slim line ones that dont.
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        That photo was not photoshopped. The line you see is the border between the concrete and the wood plank floor.

        That is a school class from France that was visiting our place. I forced them to stand in my shop.

        As to the cost per KW, I don't know. I will have to check the bill.

        And yes our electric bill is quite high. You could buy a small car for what I pay every year. We have a big house!
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          I think the bill went down because your coffee vending machine had a broken heating element! Now that it's fixed, I'm sure the bill will go way up based on the photo!


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            I'd forgot about the coffee pot ordeal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            No wonder your'e bill is high with that coffee maker drawin maybe 12 amps, PLUS all those electric hair dryers, blowers, curling irons etc those girls use!!


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              Ontario prices:

              Here,s what we pay based on the utility sheet, broken down for certain time usage:

              On peak price=10.7 cents per killowatt

              mid peak price=8.9 cents per K

              Off peak price=5.9 cents per K

              (Off peak is from 7pm untill 7Am Weekdays.)

              Weekends run on the cheapest off peak price from midnight untill 12 noon the next day.

              Hope i have that correct.


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                i cant really tell you a lot more ..there are hundreds of tariffs in the UK ..

                all sorts of plans and percentage standing charges ..lots to confuse you

                not even the cleverest can work out what is cheapest ..only that ..what Ive been told there is about £80 a year between the highest and lowest on the average house.

                gov just welshed out on the feed-in tariffs too, for solar and other stuff ..they have halved it.

                the only people that it doesn't make any difference to, are the rich people who are making the decisions.

                a lot of people are paying more than 10 percent of their income just for the heating bills

                all the best...markj


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                  Originally posted by aboard_epsilon
                  a lot of people are paying more than 10 percent of their income just for the heating bills
                  Including, at least last year, the queen.
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                    The "Novelty" thing with the british royalty is wearing thin,, been a drain on that country for ages!!


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                      I'm no royalist ..but i do think their precence might pay ./..

                      As in making the country appear different than others, which draws in the visitors from overseas who spend money here.

                      I've not done any reckoning up of it ..but ive read many times that it does pay .

                      all the best..markj


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                        Got a friendly letter my utility lastweek announcing an 11% increase next year,oh joy!
                        I just need one more tool,just one!


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                          Electricity here costs 6.67 cents per KWH up to 1.287 megawatt per two months and then steps up to 9.62 cents above that. I can't do an average because with a two tiered rate the average will change depending on usage. Fixed cost is about $3.79 per two months and my tax last bill was $12 for a total bill of $106 per two months and the same 2 months previous.
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                            I had a call the other night from a lady conducting a survey about our local co-op electric provider. Normally I don't give phone solicitors or surveyors the time of day but since I worked for a electric utility for 26 years I thought I might have some insights about what she was asking. One question (out of a 20 minute survey) she asked was would we be interested in a "time of day rate" where on peak usage would be billed at a higher rate than off peak usage. I told her that I didn't think that would help me much. It would probably be more helpful to the utilities coffers than anyone else. Not sure she appreciated the tone...



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                              Evan, that seems to be a pretty good rate from what I seen around here. What is the primary fuel your electricity is generated from?



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                                British Columbia generates over 90% of its power from hydroelectric. It doesn't all show up on the grid either. The aluminum smelter in Kitimat has its own dam, the Kenney Dam that generates about 800 megawatts. BC is lucky that in the early 50s we had a very far sighted government which built major hydroelectric power projects that could never get approval today. We also have a wide variety of self generation projects from sawmills and pulp mills as well as small run of the river projects that have no dam. My town generates all the power it needs as well as enough to run all the local sawmills and two large mines by burning wood waste from the sawmills in a state of the art ultra clean wood waste fired 70 megawatt generating plant.
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