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    "I also bought myself a 1966 Mercury Comet convertible."

    My plans are to buy a 1966 GTO. Blue convertable. Now we're talkin!!!

    I don't want to restore one. I just want to drive it and look at it. That was my dream car when I was a teenager. I swore to myself that one day I would buy one.
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      Hope you can find a 389 "Tri-Power".

      Buddy had a hardtop, nice car!! (think they were 335 HP ?)


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        I got a selection of these threading tools via ebay. Not really a Christmas thing, just they turned up on Christmas eve:-

        A mixture of Whit and UN thread forms.
        I didn't get any holder with them, it won't be hard to devise one but if anyone can offer a pic of the real thing I'd like to see it. The internal tools will probably be the more useful to me.

        Most of them have had the cutting edge of the second 'tooth' ground back, as per this pic:-




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          Originally posted by DougA
          I a new office chair and some other great and useful gifts. I also bought myself a 1966 Mercury Comet convertible.

          Anybody know a good classic car forum.

          It's for 1964 and earlier.. and they mean it. But there is a lot of good information.

          I'm working on a 66 merc convertible myself.. but it's a full size monterey

          My interest in machining is simply an extension of my car interest


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            Been a bad boy all year.

            Got nuthin'.