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    Originally posted by Mcgyver
    Feedscrews....leadscrews are only only lathes A DRO will do nothing to correct for worn leadscrew

    All your points are good, but there not really do to with the DRO making up up for wear. I agree they're a great convenience. You mention X/Y backlash .....true a DRO makes that unnecessary, a nice convenience, but not because of wear as (Unless its antibacklish equipped) there is always some clearance so regardless of wear you only coordinate in one direction.

    They're great, want 'em myself, but they don't make up for wear with the exception noted.
    Well there is the REAL reason for DRO's-to "increase accuracy" and "reduce scrap" in other words help prevent F--kups
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      Originally posted by philbur
      If you like the 1440 PM then why not the 1236 PM for nearly 40% less $$:

      I don't think that one is available with a taper attachment if that is important to you.
      The taper attachment would be nice.


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        Originally posted by Mcgyver
        how is that supposed to work? maybe on a very worn mill feedscrew for long distance coordinate work, I'm having trouble seeing it beyond that
        It will help with wear in the lead screws, handles and halfnuts. Probably not so much with worn ways.



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          So does anyone knows someone with a GMC 1440BGF ????
          I guess these are in stock now ! And that seems to be important.