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Some lathe tooling storage ideas

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  • Some lathe tooling storage ideas

    Recently finished a few projects to help with tooling storage

    I welded up this cart a little while ago - holds everything for the DSG. If you're not familiar with it, it is heavy stuff, D1-6 and items like the steady rest are bloody massive. I would have liked to use bigger casters, but had these 'in stock'.

    Absent from the photo (on the lathe) are a Rohm 10" 3 jaw and the massive travelling steady rest. The cart holds all chucks, steadies, collect chucks, etc and fits underneath my 40" shear. The big chuck is 12"

    Next is a shelving unit. Its free standing as its in front the garage door so i couldn't fix it to the wall. The noteworthy part of this contraption, as will be obvious to anyone who's visited, is that I actually was able to weld it in the shop and move it over top of the machines to its resting place! (there's not much 'layout area' in this shop lol) The tool holders (posted pics of making them here) for the Dickson QCTP sit neatly on steel tabs welded to the 1" sq tubing.

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    Mcgyver--thanks for posting the great ideas for storage, consider them stollen, I was looking for a way recently to hold the chucks for my 16" SB and this will do it. I like the QCTP holder also it takes less space than what I was planning and simple to build. Again, thanks!


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      Love the steel tabs...funny how some of the best ideas are pretty simple...once you see them (no offense )
      Was it trial and error figuring out height so as to retain yet allow for easy removal or was there a mathematical "formula" or was it one of those "it just looks right" (and so it works)

      OT ?: how do you pass through the spindle? Or don't you?


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        I like it. My girlfriend likes it too and wants to know why my shop isn't as neat and orderly as yours. So thanks a lot.


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          Well done, I love the cart for the chucks. I've got to figure out something that works for our shop (my dad & I.) I had come up with an idea for storing the large Dorian CA/400 size tool blocks for the lathe, and he created a sliding rack that's fastened beneath the 24x36 surface plate.

          I'm welder-less for now, but do aim to fix that in the new year. Once I have one, I have a nephew who's well-trained and hope to get some lessons from him.


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            Hi Mcgyver,

            Looks good! Are the Dickson boring bar holders home made? Are my eyes deceiving me or can they hold 3 different size boring bars?



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              thanks Guys...Dave, they're home made and your eyes are good. Six different sizes in all...had the space so figured why not. Russ, from the end of the jaw to the blue styro foam is 46", haven't had to do longer than of the dissadvantages of a crowded shop, little compromises on how much floor space is around the machines
              in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


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                Mcgyver, great storage units!!

                You gave this some lengthy thought and planning.



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                  I have been thinking about making a small cart for my chucks as well. I love the drop down to get a bit more useable space for the lower shelf and the 'slide in' storage for the collet chucks. I am going to have to incorporate those ideas into mine! Thanks!


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                    Count me in as also stealing, um, borrowing the idea. As well as the foam on the back of the garage door....



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                      Originally posted by Mcgyver

                      What's the holder/tool bottom right corner?

                      Neat idea with the different size bores in one boring bar holder.

                      This is what I have for the T3 size Dickson holders for my DSG:-

                      Not obvious from the pic but the top of the straps goes to the edge of a shelf above, so they are angled forwards.

                      This is T2 size on the back of a roll cab:-

                      Your method definitely gets more holders into a given amount of wall space.

                      Regarding getting long work into the spindle, I'd got my DSG set up so that there was enough space to get a length of shaft into the spindle past the smaller lathe which is next to it.
                      I hadn't allowed for this job:-

                      It's a 3" dia propeller shaft with a 10" dia forged flange on the end!

                      I've had to shunt the CVA lathe back a few inches to get that in. It's only plonked in there for the moment, won't be starting that job until next week.

                      I have to confess that my big lathe chucks are just sitting on the floor at the far end of the lathe, there's a corner square formed between two walls, the lathe and some shelving. The chucks have to be lifted out with a travelling hoist.

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