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    No, you'll need a closer for the linked one. Unless it's very old that is.

    Years ago they put both tapers on them. For safety reasons in recent years they only put the regular 5C taper on the 2" and below.

    You would not want to use the regular taper on such a big one anyway. At any speed over about 800 rpm you'd be likely to have the part fly out. It wouldn't be clamped very tight either so cuts would be limited to very light.

    One time I tried to cheap out by using one like in the left of rkepler's post. This was in a CNC lathe with a 4" capacity collet. As soon as the spindle turned on with the tool approaching the work the collet spread open with the chucked piece hitting the tool holder breaking the end off, ricocheted off and cracked the safely viewing window of the machine.


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      Originally posted by aboard_epsilon
      Aha ..i see

      the listing was for a 5c though it dont need a closer ..right.

      all the best.markj
      The ones in the image are both considered 5C collets. Have a look on Hardinge's web site:

      So until you see the back of the collet (or the sides below the face) and see where the taper is you just don't know how it's intended to close.

      (Besides, just because I call the countess a cow it doesn't make her one.)


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        5c step collets

        Here is a step collet that has pie jaws that can be used as tooling .
        I think they were made by JFK brand in LA Ca area. Top collet and closer
        and another kind on the bottom.