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South Bend QC Collet Chuck defect?

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  • South Bend QC Collet Chuck defect?

    I bought a South Bend Quick Change Collet chuck from Grizzly last month. When I decided to try it out over the weekend, I noticed that there is a divet in the locking collar.

    Can anyone tell me if this is a defect in the casting or a purpose ground section for high speed balancing?

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    Well, if nothing else had, the font on the parts in that picture confirm the piece is from China.

    I would certainly avail myself of Grizzly's legendary return policy and return the thing as defective.



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      Some of my ER32 collet nuts have machined divots in for what I assume is high speed balancing. They are shiny. That one does not.
      I agree that a call to grizzly is in order.


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        If that's an ER Collet Nut of the Bearing Type which most are not, then that hole is used by the maufacture to insert the ball bearings. The bearing type nut is more expensive so if that is indeed the type you received, then that is a great thing.

        Here's an ER Bearing Collet Nut from another manufacture and you can see the same hole at the end like yours.

        ER Bearing Collet Nut

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          I have 3 of those sets, one for each mill (R8) and one for the lathe (MT#3). They all have that mark, I believe it is a machined hole, that is filled and has to do with either the machining process for or the operation/retention of the collet retaining ring in the collet nut. I don't think this is a "flaw", mine have worked fine.


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            I agree with Fattypuss er Jack.Alistair
            Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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              They put the mark so you don't confuse this Southbend with the real one.