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Russian Rocket Danger

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    Originally posted by .RC.
    I guess they were hoping Mars..

    Originally posted by Evan
    That hope faded considerably when parts fell off and reentered a few weeks ago.

    No they weren't hoping for Mars, they were aiming for Phobos!


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      Sorry didn't notice the miles ..but remember the Km's in altitude

      on the 2nd Jan it was 230 Km's today it is 200kms

      what altitude will it fall at ...or does it just go lower and lower.

      all the best.markj


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        just gets lower and lower untill friction from denser air takes over and really slows it down.


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          I know and worked with the guy that found a large chunk of skylab and even have a piece of it. He had dies made and stamped a few circular bits from it but was costly as the dies couldnt handle to many before failing. Never had it taken from him might try and find out what happened to
          the piece he had. A/c going flat out last couple days with 110-115F daytime temps....


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            "A computer malfunction was blamed for the failure meaning the spaceship, the largest planetary rocket ever built by Russia, had to abandon its mission to Mars to collect rock samples from the moon Phobos."

            Tell me that don't sound like a Windows 7 driver problem?
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