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  • Waterproof match case

    Has any one on the list made one? Got any photos of it available? TIA


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    I haven't made one, but my lady friend recently bought for me a nicely made metal toothpick case that might be used for matches. I don't use it any more, since the principal tooth in question is now "the space formerly know as tooth."
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      got one in the Boy Scouts when I was of that age. A metal container with a screw on metal cap made for the "strike anywhere" matches. You could probably still buy one today. But finding "strike anywhere" matches may be more of a problem. Even book matches aren't what they used to be.


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        I guess a zip-loc bag doesn't cut it-
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          Al, I've made one. Due to my antiquated operating system (Windows 98) I have trouble posting pictures, but if you'll PM me with an e-mail addy I'll send you pictures of it. It has a stainless body with a knurled brass cap. BTW, strike anywhere matches are still readily available where I live.


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            Strike anywhere matches have been hard to find around here. Last week they suddenly appeared an Home depot. I put some in an old medicine bottle.
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              I suggest that you look up WW1 memorabilia. Those cases were ESSENTIAL equipment, since the main source of lighting in dugouts and trenches was a candle.
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                Not home shop made, but pretty good:
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                  I've got one as shown in Weston's link that I've had for about 50 years. It's a bit amazing that they are still being made. The lanyard ring came off mine at some point so I soldered a flat base brass ring to the cover with high-strength solder.
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                    Lee Valley sells those ones that Weston posted too..

                    They also sell these containers that may be a tiny bit small for matches, but would be really easy to reproduce on a lathe with slightly larger dimensions.


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                      How about re-purposing one of the Chinese LED flashlights that fail quicker than the batteries? The Harbor Freight type that have 3 AAA batteries in them. I have at least half a dozen of those laying about in pieces (did I mention I have a nine year old son?). Machine a disk to replace the plastic lense & cut some o-ring grooves and you're well on the way to being water tight. I already have one of the old-time waterproof cases of WWII vintage, inherited from my Uncle Alex. Strike anywhere matches I find at a local hardware store, though at a premium price.



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                        Just get two shotgun shell cases of different sizes. One slides inside the other and it seals great. I have dropped mine in the water and the matches stayed dry.
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                          Lee Valley sells Water proof match cases made of brass and crome plated for about $7.00 .



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                            Doesn't seem too difficult to make.... could be a fun project!

                            Bore out a brass or stainless steel rod and thread open end with a fine pitch. Then make a matching cap. Use an "O" ring placed at the bottom of the cap for sealing.


                            Make the cap so it has a slightly tapered "snug" fit when pressed in. That way no threading!

                            On edit:

                            Here's an even easier idea ...

                            Use a fine threaded bolt and nut with the desired diameter. Then hollow out the bolt to the proper depth and cut it off such that a portion of the threads remain. Then machine the nut so that a thin cap can be inserted and soldered. Machine the nut to desired shape. Again, place an "O" ring at the end for sealing.

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                              Got a REI store near you? They also have online ordering. They have all kinds of containers, matches, etc for the outdoorsman/woman.