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  • Donkey Engine Castings

    Is there a source for the Donkey Engine castings by William Harris that appeared in LS in 1989? Power Models Supply made them initially but they seem to have disappeared.

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    I am afraid I can't help, but is Power Model Supply still in business? It seems to me the owner was killed in an accident a year or so ago and the business was for sale.
    I would think if anyone has taken over the business, they would have the castings.
    Jim H.


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      The Business really "disappeared" in a big way.
      The owner was also into fireworks or blackpowder ?? and his place caught fire and went 'Boom' with him inside. all was lost from what I was told, except stuff at the foundry..Left a big hole in the ground
      Too bad, he was a very nice guy to deal with.
      Green Bay, WI


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        Thanks to both of you for the info. Sorry to hear about the owner.
        Its frustrating to see these neat projects in old issues and find out there's no castings available.