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Another Reference for New HSMers

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  • Another Reference for New HSMers

    Just looking around for info regarding feeds and speeds, found this:

    that is where I "intercepted" the articles but there appear to be quite a few...lots of information and, to me, written at a most useful level including the "whys and wherefores" to questions you arrive at logically as you progress

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    Thanks Russ.

    People should be aware that many cutting speeds/feeds etc. tables are pretty well based on several ideal states.

    Any reduction/s in any of those states or conditions may well result in reductions of speeds and feed rates.

    Many set-ups (job, fixtures, tools and machine) have a "sweet spot" that can be recognised with practice. In many cases that sweet spot is the ideal andf it may well be a significant departure from the published tables.

    See the next article in the link you posted at:


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      I have allways been facinated by the variation in surface finish evidenced on a facing cut as it goes thru the sweet spot. I am no expert but the surface finish appears to correlate to the color of the chips. It is good when they are coming off straw and gets better as they turn blue. The harder the metal the more they need to turn blue. This is my opinion at this time and I reserve the right to change.
      Byron Boucher
      Burnet, TX