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  • Southbend mill purchase

    I have an opportunity to buy a southbend 2VS 9 X 48 mill made in 1985. It looks in great shape, and everything works. It has a DRO and is 2 HP 3 phase. I have tried to find information on line but not having any luck. My questions to anyone in-the-know, where were these made, and can I get parts for it, and is it a good mill. I can get it for 2,400.00. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you all very much.


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    Is this like the mill you are considering?

    Depending on condition, I think $2400 might be a little high. I've seen Bridgeports for less. A question I have no answers for but worth consideration is are parts available? Not that I'm recommending a Bridgeport, but just as an example there are a lot of them out there so used parts can be had. Index is still in business and can support their machines. Other companies may be around still too. Maybe someone else here can say if South Bend actually made this machine or if another manufacturer made it for them and it was a relabeled. If so parts may still be around.


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      China, not South Bend, made this mill.
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