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    One of the local High Schools has a Select model 1-1/2VHF Milling Machine.

    It is about 20 years old. It has had very little if any use since the school aquired it. It appears to have been mis-wired when installed. The horizontal motor and gearbox works fine. The motor on the power feed works fine.

    The motor on the vertical head will run maybe 2 minutes and get hot and kick out the relay. Both the high speed and the low speed act the same.
    With the motor off, it spins freely by hand. The mill is worh getting to run as it is spotless, uses MT30 in both the vertical and horizontal spindles.

    I am in need of a wiring diagram for the machine. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Check voltage...

    Worst case - all you would need to buy would be a new motor. Might be hooked up to the wrong voltage, or the starter winding isn't kicking out.l


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      Electrical on that machine is small potatoes. Don't let an electrical issue interfere with your purchase decision. It's a very handy and versatile machine if a bit small in my estimation.

      As for a diagram, umm... not to trivialize it but the circuit is pretty basic: it's a motor and a switch on each axis. The motor's internal connections for start and reverse are probably on the motor's name plate or inside the connection box cover plate. If you are electricaly challenged, it would take an electrician about an hour to fix any problem on that machine assuming the motors are OK.

      Have you smelled the motors? Does the motor you describe smell toasted? The burnt smell is pretty obvious even to one with no experience at all. I've had houswives (yes, they still make them) flinch baxk after a sniff at a bad mixer motor and say: "Thay doesn't smell right. Is it OK?".

      If the motor is utterly shot expect to spend a couple hundred dollars but shop carefully. The same new motor can go for OTC price at a retail motor shop or, if you shop, for half that. Shop carefully.
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        Are we talking about the same machine? This one has a Mag relay for the high speed and a mag relay for the low speed. each relay has a thermo cut out. the relays are activated by a push button switch on the front of the machine.
        The motor is a two speed motor. There is a high/low diagram for the motor but the labels on the wires do not match the letters in the diagram.

        There is no burnt smell as of yet. I know the smell of the "magic smoke" when you burn out a winding or similiar.

        I think several "experts" have been trying to fix it. A factory diagram would help me sort out the wiring.


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          Is there a tag with the name of the machine tool distributor that sold it to the school? If so, that may be a source.