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  • Ebay

    I have finally registered with ebay..I also registered with Paypal...

    My question is that right now I am the highest bidder on an item..If I end up being the highest bidder, do I just click on paypay so I can pay the buyer??

    I am a total rookie at this...I want to make sure I follow the right procedures...


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    If you have already contacted the seller and know what the shipping charges are you can use the pay now button. Most of the time I wait for the seller to contact me.

    Hope this helps.
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      After you win the auction, you will get an email from ebay with a link to paypal. You can pay this way, but if shipping costs were not included in the auction, then you will have to contact the seller to find out how much the shipping is. Once you have the total, then you can pay through paypal by means of the email you got.



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        Thanks guys...It says that $10.00 will be the shipping charge for the lower 48 states..

        I doubt I will be the highest bidder, but we'll see...

        If I did win, then what is the time frame of me paying?? The bidding ends on sunday, but I won't be around a computer until the following tuesday...If I win, will I lose the item if I don't respond immediately?? Or does that depend on the "seller"?



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          I think that you will be fine. I usually try to be prompt about letting a seller know, but a 2 day delay is no big deal.

          You could contact the seller now and let him know in advance that you will be out of touchj for a few days if you should win.

          Note, many bidders bid early, then wait for the last 30 seconds of the auction to enter their final bid by bidding the absolute highest amount they would pay.


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            Don't bid early, just watch, you'll only drive up the price. That is unless you will be away or asleep when the bidding ends. Bid in the last 30 seconds and make it good if you really want the item. Refresh a couple of times before hand and you can synchronize your clock with ebay's. If a winner I always immediately email the seller to request the final total. Then I pay by money order as they are free and risk free. Have fun, it can be addictive. Also pay attention to the seller's history and how he responds to negative feedback........'cause that could be you he is yelling at (or what ever)!


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              Also make sure they pack everything right. I just got a saw(sorry jay i couldn't pass it up) and it arrived with one of the castings broken. And having delt with UPS before, I'm not likely to be compensated.
              Rant mode off.


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                Where do you get free money orders?

                <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Chester:
                Snip&gt; Then I pay by money order as they are free and risk free. &lt;snip!</font>
                And as an aside...though I prefer the last minute bidding style. I consider it more of a "sealed bid" type auction rather than the unnecessarily violent "sniping" term. Sometimes it is nice to at least make the first bid if you really want the item. That way at least the seller knows that there is somebody interested in the item rather than thinking no one is interested and perhaps taking one of the "off ebay" offers that comes in...


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                  If you qualify, the money orders are at: