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    He still has it and goes to the Bianchi Cup every year, but hasn't had the lathe and mill for a while. He mostly just does bench work on site and takes the lathe and mill stuff back to the shop, then ships it out from there.
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      The lathe on it is probably a Standard Modern. That is the model that we had on the smaller version of the mobile shop that I worked on with the MN Army Guard back in '77-'79. Our van was mounted on a truck body so we had our own means of propulsion. Depending on what remains of the original kit, I don't feel that the price is excessive and would love to find one for less than $2,000. Standard Modern was also the lathe that we used in the Army Machinist school at that time. Someone on this board bought one of these last year and posted a lot of pics.
      Fred Townroe


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        Actually, the lathe on this trailer is a South Bend Turnado, probably a 17" with riser blocks.
        The Army bought a lot of these turnados, ever pics of a trailer like this I have seen has a south bend in it.

        the turnado show is probably a late 80's or so Taiwan built one- well before Grizzly owner bought South Bend, South Bend outsourced their larger lathes, and the factory in Taiwan that still builds the bigger South Bends has been making South Bends for probably 20 to 30 years now.