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american power hacksaw distributors?

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    Simonds says they still sell hacksaw blades in 12" thru 24".

    these guys sell the british made Eclipse hacksaw blades, again, 12" thru 24"

    Starrett still makes em too- dont know if they still make 12", though-

    both MSC and McMaster have em, or will get em for you.


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      Thanks Ries, I'm sure mine will fall in there somewhere and I will stock up on them if I can find the right size.



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        The blades I have now are Bipico made in India and are 14 X 1 1/4 X .062 10TPI. I'll see if one of the suppliers have that one.



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          Just to give you folks out there some warning....

          A year back I purchased a couple of Starrett 14" x 1" x 0.05" power hacksaw blades from Enco. One was a 14tpi (RS1414-5) and one was 10tpi (RS1410-5). It was not until later that I noticed that they were not the same length. The shorter one is a Starrett Brazil RS1410-5 (about 13.5" CTC and a smaller hole diameter). The longer one is a Starrett RS1414-5 (About 13.8" CTC with a larger hole diameter) that unfortunately is too long to be tensioned in my Miller Knuth model 3167 Sawmaster (aka Perkins) power hack saw.

          I contacted Starrett and was told that the shorter one was the old style and that two years ago they changed over to the longer (metric I believe) version.

          The painful part is that Starrett reused the same part numbers so there is no way to tell which one (old vs. new) that you will get shipped. The Starrett online catalog also does not give dimensions so you can verify the blade fits either.

          Victor Machinery Exchange also sells power hacksaw blades.



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            I have a bunch of 14tpi 13 9/16 ctc & about 14 1/4" overall if you need some. I think they are 1 1/4" wide. Let me know. Thanks!


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              Same here in OZ.