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    OK, I have been doing this for 30 years now, never have seen an automatic filer, or if I have it was probably called something else. Can anyone help me out here with a pic or description?

    Maybe that is what the CNC Generation has done to me??????

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    I got tickled at TVA hydro today. THEY have gotten so used to the automated starts they had to get out a note book to remember how to roll over the generator manually.

    We are adding more automation. SO far, with 7 electricians, not a wire out of place. OVer 10,000 feet of jumper wire averaging 10 feet per pull, about 50,000 feet of cable in and terminated. Soon it will be over and I will be back in my machine shop rubbing my hands together thou.


    think of a shaper with a file attached.. stroking.. making diamond and square holes..


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      Look here-

      This is a Belsaw filer,it like Gypsie says is basically a shaper with a file in it,it has a means of setting the correct angle and a ratchet prawl to advance to the next tooth,these can be setup to file handsaws,bandsaws,circular saws,holesaws etc.I have the bigger model of filer,my buddy down the road has one made by Oliver that is strickly for grinding bandsaws.You can do carbon steel with the regular files and bimetal with the cbn coated ones,Mine paid for itself on the first couple of $60.00 bimetal blades it saved.
      I just need one more tool,just one!