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Problems With Mars Rover Drill

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  • Problems With Mars Rover Drill

    The Mars rovers have two drills on them. One of them's an ultrasonic drill (which looks to be pretty cool), the other is some kind of abrasive grinder-type. That's the one that the Spirit rover has had the problem with, and in viewing the video clip, it's one I'm sure we can all identify with. You can see it here:

    (You'll need QuickTime to view it. You can download it for free here: )

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      Yeah, reminds me of those old 3/4" sears drills that you could screw a piece of 3/4" black pipe into for a "handle", chuck a 1" twist drill in it and start drilling that 1/4" plate. Damn good thing the plate was attached to a 2000lb safe cuz when that 140rpm drill broke through it was 400Lb Gorilla vs. angry sears drill - and I almost didn't win. That 10' pipe was twisted up like a pretzel and the motor was smoking before they pulled me off of the little bastich Real good place to put the locking button for the trigger - right under my hand. The drill did not survive the ensuing "flight South". Then we got Milwaukee Magnums and holehawgs - best drills I ever used.