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XLO 605 CNC Mill?

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  • XLO 605 CNC Mill?

    Was looking at a CNC Mill. XLO is the Brand Name. It Has Dynapath System,20 M control conversational programming. 3 HP Motor 85 to 4000 RPM. Travel X -30 inch, Y 15 inch, Z 6. Inch. $4950 Canadian. What do you guys think of this unit? Thanx Audrey

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    I have a 605 manual,and a 605 that ad a spindle wizard nc table nounted on it,both are solid units much heavier than the Bport mills,but I don't know about the cnc control on the one your looking at,I think Excello went out some time ago at least by CNC standards of obsolecence.Might be able to retrofit thou.
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      At the shop I used to work at we had several XLO cnc mills. The XLO's were very strong and and accurate.I think that you will find that it will hard to find parts for the CNC controller if/when it breaks down.


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        I don't know the going prices in Canada so can't comment there. In the states this would be a fair price.

        The control is very good, one of the best. It's well supported from the factory. Make sure the machine is functioning because even though parts are readily available for the control they aren't cheap. But parts for any of the higher end controls are not cheap.