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Prince Tool & Die Lab. Boring Head?

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  • Prince Tool & Die Lab. Boring Head?

    Anybody ever hear of these guys?

    I stumbled on a real nice boring head made by them. Very well made!! It has an odd taper with about a 5/8" long 4tpi threaded end at the small end of the taper.

    It says X-14 JetAir. There are 2 air outlets near the collet holder end.

    The taper seems to be somewhere between a 25 and 30.

    I am seriously trig challenged and my sophomore in college son, taking physics just looked at me when I asked if he could figure the taper/ft. I guess real life applications are beyond classroom theory

    Anyway the large end of the taper is 1.122" dia, the small end is .590" dia. The overall length of the tapered part is 1 7/8", that is not the length of the taper, but the length parallel to the center line from one end of the taper to the other.

    at the small end is the 4tpi threaded part. The major diameter is .548", minor is .547".

    It is a very square looking thread.

    What machine would this have been used on?

    Any ideas out there?


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    do you have any pictures you can post or email?


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      It sounds like a Moore jig bore taper. They use one about the size of a 30 taper with a short coarse Acme thread to retain.
      I don't have one here to measure. Pricey$$$$.

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      Jim H.