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Help please, how do you make thread titles bold?

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  • Help please, how do you make thread titles bold?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    As far as I can tell, you don't...its a function of when you (the you being whomever is looking at the site or thread in particular) view the thread ["you" are recognized has opening a leave, if no one adds to the thread, the next time you come back it will not be bold, if someone has added to it and you return to view it, it will be bold...its not quite the same as a post having been added]

    All of the above is a big, "I think", not savvy enough on these overnight or a several day absence, I expect a couple of pages of bold thread titles


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      Ahh so

      Russ thank you very much.


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        Bold indicates new posts that you have not seen. After a period of time if you do not view the thread it will revert to normal anyway. There is also an icon at the very left of every thread that indicates the status. The legend for those icons is at the very bottom of the forum main screen.

        There is a small bug that shows up when you post to a thread and it causes the post to be on a new page. In that case the thread title will be in bold even though you posted to it and even if you view it. This might vary for some members depending on how many posts they have set the BBS to display per page. It can be set to 10, 20 or 40 per page.
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